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Commercial solar solutions

Our commercial solar power systems are fully designed, engineered, project managed and commissioned by our in-house professional engineers who have extensive International experience in large scale solar. Our proven experience in building and operating utility scale systems ensures our solutions are correctly dimensioned, designed and reliable..

Electrical contracting

We provide expert electrical services for our customers who demand quality work. Our licensed electrical staff will be professional, honest, trustworthy and diligent and will have the skills to take care of all your specialty needs. We take pride in our work and we feel confident you have selected the Electrical Contractor that will continue to strive to give THE BEST TO OUR CUSTOMER.

Energy audit & management

The issue of energy consumption has been a growing interest across all industry sectors not only because of its immediate impact on production costs but also because of its impact on environmental sustainability. Our audit provides you with a clear understanding of energy consumption in your buildings and facilities.


Our expert team of energy auditors, analysts, engineers, and specialists know how to optimize your energy usage. We work with businesses of all types and sizes in the East Africa and beyond, sharing proven energy-saving methods and tactics. We'll help you identify conservation opportunities, identify the ideal energy models and hardware appropriate for your business, reduce your power bills and find appropriate cost-effective renewable energy.

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