Fostering Growth
of Solar Energy in Africa

Who We Are

Enerfrik Limited delivers end to end service solar pv systems, custom designed for off-grid, residential, commercial, agricultural and utility scale projects in East Africa. As energy pioneers at our core, our aim is to create and install solar energy systems that improve our clients’ lives and move society in a positive direction. Our top priority is and always will be our customers.
We provide solar options for both residential and commercial use, each providing incredible benefits to the customer. Our process is simple, affordable, and comprehensive, covering every element that goes into setting up a solar system.

Enerfrik Limited believes in simple solutions and clear, straightforward business. Our contracts follow transparent industry standards. Our technology is tried and tested. Our value proposition to you is simple and solid. We help you reduce your energy expenses through clean, on-site solar production. We guarantee that our solar solutions will pay for themselves.

We design our solar plants to fit your needs. We offer solutions from simple grid-tied systems, through solar-diesel hybrid systems to fully autonomous off-grid systems. Our plants' peak-power output and total energy production are carefully matched to your needs and integrated on-site.

Why Choose Us

We provide a solution to the energy problem currently being experienced by businesses and households by providing renewable, cost-effective energy.

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